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About US

      Our company

ТООТEК  Kazakhstanskaya Transportnaya Kompaniya” (ТEКKTК” LLC)  is the forwarding company, providing a wide range of transportation services, including railway, road transport, overseas and combined shipments of any cargoes around the world.


ТEК KTК”LLC is the official forwarding agent of JSC “NC“KTZ”

The head office of  “ТEК KTК” LLC is located in:

  • Astana city (Kazakhstan).

The representative offices of our company are situated in following cities:

  • Karaganda (Kazakhstan)
  • Novosibirsk (Russia).

Having well developed partnership links, we can organize almost any shipment through the territories of such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS states, Moldavia, the Baltic states, Europe, Central Asia, Iran and China (from Far East to European harbours).

We work through transit, export-import and combined traffics, on railway, road and sea transport.

The main strategic direction of our activity is provision of optimal work conditions for the client and quality improvement of rendered services for our clients with range broadening of the offered services.


  Scope of activity

If you are interested in external economic activity, then you are well aware of importance of qualitative international freight traffic, and we are ready to offer you the whole range of services, related to international transport logistics.

We have created the professional team of experts and logistics specialists, who have a great experience in the field of freight traffic.

Applying optimal schemes of transport logistics, we will help you choose the most appropriate type of cargo delivery, taking into account all your requests.

Our company, working on the freight traffic market, renders services on arrangement of standard and outsize cargoes transportation (“on a turn-key basis”).

Our company provides its own motor equipment through the territories of CIS and the Baltic states:

  •  open wagons
  •  platforms
  •  covered wagons


Our team

Our company staff is the united team of professionals, who work consistently in a number of branches, in order to provide the most effective logistics for our clients.

Establishment of mutually beneficial, benevolent and long-term relations is one of the most important tasks, facing our company. Our team guarantees professional and agreeable cooperation with you:

primarily we are aimed at the client;

We are always honest and polite;

We save your and our time, and solve all raised questions;

We create and optimize qualitative work process with each client.

We know and always respect all our clients and their individualities!


We are KTК -  Quality. Accuracy. Compromise.